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I was recruited here from TCCA by a few members. I'm feeling lazy right now, so I'm just copying/pasting the intro from TCCA to here:RpS_biggrin:


My name is Cody. Well as for the new ride, its a black 2011 Taurus SHO with all available options except the performance package. I got it used last week with 23,900 miles. I came from a 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan and still am moderator of a G6 forum. I'm not sure of rules here of "promoting" so I will not mention the site offhand. It was a good car for its use, which was driving from here in Youngstown, Ohio where I live(an hour from Cleveland) to Pittsburgh, PA for work(55 miles one way). Long story short, I work from home now and have always wanted a Taurus SHO, after my first car as a teenager being a 1993 Taurus GL. I picked up this car last week and fell in love. I have to say, Ford really impressed me and so does this car.


I'm not sure what I plan on doing mod wise to this yet. I may just leave performance alone and do some minor apperance mods, not entirely sure yet.


As for me, I'm almost 28 years old, engaged(wedding is in June), I work in IT doing database work and some minor programming for security application software for hospitals and clinics all from the comfort of my own home. As far as the car scene, I do the basic stuff myself, mods included. Anything very intensive, I will have someone else do it if I am not sure. I'd rather pay then screw it up myself if I'm unsure.


I do have to admit that I cursed this car out already once though. I changed the air filter(as I always do on a used car purchase) and it was very tricky to get those silver tabs to clip back on. I lost half my middle fingernail in the process. All I was worried about was bleeding on the steering wheel.


Lastly, I've seen some amazing car's here. You guys should be proud!

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Congratulations on many fronts, car, upcoming wedding, & membership on this forum :) Yeah you'd think the clips would be easier to work with. I think they were designed by the same people that design rat traps!


Youngstown, OH ... nice place, nice people. Glad you are here!


Now on to the most important thing: PICS, PICS, PICS!

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