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Anyone notice how cheap the keys are?


I tweeted ford and they were oblivious, but the new keys are terrible. They're all plastic and they get loose and the finish comes off very easily. And considering its a "smart" key, it stays in your pocket most of the time.


The dealer already replaced one for me six months after I bought the car. I'm due for another. Its really junk - and considering the car is $40k+, this absurd to have this problem.


Even the cheap cars have solid keys that down wear down...for years....not months.

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Some of us got covers from E-bay that protects the key and looks good. Sorry I don't have a photo of it, but the covers are available in red, blue, and black, and reasonable priced. I found this not sure if it will fit the 12/13's:


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I also had a lot of glitches with Ford regarding the myFord system. They tried to do diagnostics and eventually told me that i should contact Apple because of my issues were related to my iPhone 5 and ipod nano. I thought that was stupid because the make the most stable and widely used products out there.


Regardless, the dealer replaced my key, but Ford also cut me a check for one month's payment for my troubles. But they still didn't acknowledge any of the flaws in their system.


I did get a recent update, and most of the old glitches disappeared, but were replaced by a couple new smaller once.

I guess i just have to live with it. No other car i've owned has ever had "glitches" in their navi/infotainement system.


The details like the key and myFord frustrate me, but mechanically the car is pretty amazing.

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Yea' date=' that won't fit a '13.[/quote']


Thanks, I hadn't seen the new fobs before this, I will keep my eyes open, but I do like my fobs better, and everyone in my family has a different color cover, so it's easy to tell whose key is whose. I got extra fobs when I purchased the car as part of the purchase deal.

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Got two in black. They fit well. Very tight. My key fob no longer slides out of my pocket and into the crack of the recliner.


Hopefully they're durable enough to last.


I didn't attach a picture because they're not much to look at. Besides, you can see it in the auction.

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My fob barely lasted a month before the plastic chrome started chipping off. I took the metal keyring off of it and used 2 cellphone lanyards to attach it to my key ring. Now it sits in my pocket nicely without putting pressure on the plastic. I'll post a pic later.

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