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Rotational Clicking Noise!!!!!! Need Help!!!!

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Hey Guys,


Ive got a good one for the group. My car has a rotational clicking noise coming from the front driverside. This noise only occurs once the car has been driven for a bit (not in the morning pre driving) and only at low speed. It almost sounds like a ratchet when I turn and sometimes going straight. Not sure this ones going to be covered under warranty so i figured I would see if anyone had any ideas. Thank you in advance.



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I have clicking noises behind the dash. If I turn off the climate control it goes away. After some research it could be the blend door actuator as mentioned above. The thing that may make yours different is the fact that turning or any change in vehicle movement doesn't affect the sound. I can hearing just idling at a light.


How loud is it? Mine is a very soft tapping noise.

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And a well known problem area, it's one part that has been problems in almost all Ford products, we had one go bad in our Explorer, and I had to replace the one on the passenger side in the SHO. It's a real common part that fails. Thanks to one of our members we discovered that normally the teeth on the gears of the actuator break off, thus causing the clicking sound.

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Unfortunately it is not the blend door actuator as I had this replaced already under warranty. It is a rotational noise that almost sounds like the clicking that comes for the old posi-traction rear-ends when you turn. Its a fairly loud clicking, definitely noticeable to people standing outside the car. Confused as to why it only happens when its been driven for a while. The sounds clearly comes from the front left wheel area and is rotational in nature as it stops when the car stops.


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