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2013 Police Package Brakes on a 2011 SHO W/PP?

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I know that a lot of the items can be retrofitted from the new Perf Pack to the older SHO's. I have yet to find a thread about retrofitting the Police Package Brakes from a 2013 Interceptor onto an older SHO.


Has anyone ever looked into this? I saw a previous thread about the 13 PP brakes on an older year, but it seems like it hasnt been done yet.


I have a line on a wrecked Interceptor with Low miles on it, and I could have the Rotors, Calipers, Caliper Brackets, Brake Booster and Master Cyllinder for a decent price. It is tempting...


Does anyone know if the Interceptor Brake parts are the same as the Perf Pack brakes?

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It has been discussed at great length, the problem is no one really knows absolutely for sure what exactly is needed to do a swap. But this I do know is calipers, rotors and steering knuckle and struts are different. So if 2013 caliper wont mount up to 2011 steering knuckle, you maybe doing a complete front suspension swap. But perhaps it would possible since I assume its in a wrecking yard to take some measurements and photo's for comparison purposes. Or maybe a deal can be struck if a return of the parts if it doesn't work out. I am sure a swap is possible the question is what will be exactly needed to do it?

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From what I understand (talking the 2013)' date=' rotors/Calipers and master cylinder are different. There was discussion a while back about this retro fit on this board, but I forget how long ago.[/quote']


This is probably the thread you're talking about. http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/showthread.php?1328-Brake-interchangeability

Like Crash712us says, no one has done it yet and knows what parts are actually needed.

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Yes, this has been discussed previously, and the link was provided a few posts below.


There are/were significant changes to the '13 braking set-up, in an overall capacity.


Without going into specifics, the problems essentially boils down to costs.


At what point does a '10, '11, or '12 owner, regardless of having the PP pkg (or not), break even from a financial perspective?


A few grand in retro-fitting attempts, will yield same cost returns/dividends as it would for one to invest in, say..... the Big Brake Kit from Wilwood.


Even with getting a line on a decent donor car (in this case, the OP specifically cites a PI Taurus) still, look at your overall product costs, time invested in yanking all the donor parts from the salvaged car (keep in mind their still used mind you), then yanking off your car's factory set up and reinstalling the donor parts.


Oh my, my head's become dizzy.


So, all in all, can it be done? Meh...... I'm sure it can.


But as stated above, the costs of strapping on used parts, versus going new in the realm of the aftermarket world, would likely place you in the negative arena.


In conclusion, no one that I am aware of, has even attempted this yet.


So to the OP, if you chose to..... you'd be pioneering a new mod in uncharted territory. That said, take lots of pics for an eventual "How-To"...... :thumb:

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It is tempting to take on the challenge of this project. But at the same time it is a cost Vs. Benefit situation. I could have the Rotors, Caliper Brackets, Calipers, Brake Booster, master cylinder, for $465 shipped to my door. The donor car is a couple hours away, but the salvage yard would remove them and ship them for that price, so it wouldnt be too bad. The bad part comes with needing additional parts...


The parts are said to have 2,000 miles on them. It is tempting, and if I do take this on (not likely), I would definitely take tons of pics, and let everyone know how it went... At this point though, I put it at about 2% that I take this project on, tempting as it may be!

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