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7,000 HP or so worth or Mustangs...

Livernois Motorsports

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Currently, the shop is packed with a good mix of vehicles, so I thought I would get some photos.


The first Mustang, a Shelby GT350 is getting some minor work and a retune. It was equipped as purchased with a Whipple and exhaust mods, the black Shelby is being converted to an auto, the White 2013 Shelby is getting a 4.0L Whipple, and the white 2012 5.0L is getting a ProCharger, full exhaust, & suspension.












This one makes 4,000 HP alone ;)






The other side of the shop has quite a few cars too...


All of these ZL1's are from out of state and getting the stage 3 package, The car from the furthest from us is from CA and the lowest mileage is 11 miles.


Other cars seen in the shot include a 419ci, head/cam full bolt-on KB supercharged SS, a 419ci, head/cam full bolt-on Magnacharger supercharged G8 GXP, 2 Supercharged bolt-on Mustangs, a Charger getting an aluminum 426 stroker with heads, cam, full exhaust, built trans, supercharger, and nitrous, and a stroker bolt-on F-Body.






Thanks for looking!



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Great shots' date=' thanks Rick...is that a Pro Modified in the next to last set of shots? Whose is it and is really getting a clear front clip or is it a vinyl...either way, it looks great.[/quote']


Thanks! It was built for ADRL Pro Extreme and is owned, tuned and driven by Dan Millen, our tuner. That was a Photoshop of the clip, it's actually solid like the top pic.



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Simply Marvelous! :hail:


Of course it seems that each time I've been to LMS, there has always been a healthy line up of impressive customer's cars to eye rape.


On another note Rick......


Any pricing info available yet on those upgraded turbo's that both Darrell & 1stSHO Mike are currently running?


I am planning on doing those this year.


PM me if necessary, although i'm sure the general membership would benefit from the info.....


Thanks in advance, and thanks for your continued involvement here on EBOF! :thumb:


Mike :yo:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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