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transmission gear selection question

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I have watched a few of the vidoes on the net for the SHO and in most of them it looks like at the end of the 1/4 the person would put it in M instead of just leaving in in D. They all were runs done in D. Is there a reason for this that I dont know???




Probably because for doing other driving in the car the, like at a track. The care is more responsive when driven in manual mode, but doing typical drag runs and 0-60 Full auto typically works best.



My guess would be that you can downshift and use the tranny to reduce your speed instead of jumping on the brakes. I believe truckers use this practice.


Semi's do it and so do trucks/jeeps off roading. Typically you would want to do it in a car unless your on a track or there a problem with your brakes and you need to stop. Engine braking puts more strain on the tranny.

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