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2013 SHO owners - Somthing to check/look for

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I recently converted all the exterior incandescent bulbs to LED's on my 2013.

When I removed the 2 screws for the right side license plate bulb, I was surprised to discover that the socket was full of rust! One of the contacts was completely corroded away and will no longer hold a bulb. The entire socket will need to be replaced.

This car has less than 3000 miles on it and I am of the opinion that there may be a flaw in the socket allowing water in. I will be taking the car to the dealer next week so they can order a new socket and replace it.


Just a heads up.

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Well, now I am not so pleased with them. The replaced the "bulb holder" which also has the clear lens in it, but the socket it fits in is full of rust too. It works and makes a connection, but I thought they were going to replace the whole unit. I guess I will have to stress to them that I want it fixed right because it will just leak again, more than likely.

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