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Rain sensing wipers not working

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I'm having an issue with my rain sensing wipers not working.


I set them to different intervals, then wait for the sensor to kick in while it's raining/snowing. Nothing at all.


The only time it works is when I do the wipe with the washer fluid, and when they're at the constant high and lower speeds.


I hope maybe it's just a fuse issue, but I don't see a fuse in the manual about the rain sensing wiper system at all.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.

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When I was working through all the features of my 2010, I also had at a point that it wasn't working. A week later I turned the auto high beam feature back on and it started working again. Might try that and then set the wiper control to the first bar and wait. If it’s not raining just grab a hose and poor some water over the top center of the windshield with the car running, just don't stand by the driver side or you might get the water thrown back at you. The user manual states to turn it off when washing, what I know is turning the wiper control all the way down turns it off unless there is somewhere else something to turn it on and off like the auto high beam. Might give that a quick try when washing the car, otherwise something else is probably going on.

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