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WOW! Very sharp indeed. :thumb:


Welcome aboard EBOF :welcome:


I echo the same sentiments as mjhpadi, with new registrants such as yourself, that have purchased, or soon will be purchasing, this newest Ecoboost platform from Ford Motor Co., I'm sure the Fusion section will grow by leaps & bounds.


Much like the rest of community has i'll add.


Keep the community posted as to any mods you may perform, as well as to what your experiences are with your newest addition to your stable.


Thanks for posting the pics that you have, may I suggest a shot of the engine bay, & also the interior?


Particularly sitting in the backseat & trying to capture as much of the front seating area, along with the dash and what not.....


Thanks! Mike :yo:


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Had considered 2010 SHOs & MKSs, but a new Fusion followed me home. The ecoboost owners forum seems like a great community, I really hope the Fusion sub-forum takes off!




HA 007 did Q add any nice new tricks to your ASTON MARTIN.LOL The new Fusion looks grrrrrrrrreat!!!!! Welcome to the EcoBoost Club.

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The only "mods" I have planned are tint, rear mats, and I just ordered an Eclipse SunShade. I might also get an all weather mat for the trunk. I'll probably remove the dealer & EcoBoost badges, leaving just FUSION & SE. If I feel really froggy, I've considered modding the FUSION lettering; removing F S I & N. Then center the F, for U F O. Maybe too cheesy, LOL.


Oh, and I'm going to upload a Raider shield for the touch screen, to replace the Ford logo.


I don't want to stray too far OT, but...


Re: window tint. Here in El Paso, we're limited to 35% on the front doors, but I can do either 20% or 5% ("limo"?) on the other windows. Any opinions on this, 20% vs 5%, are greatly appreciated.


Re: photos. I'll take some that y'all requested. I have a few from my driveway I can upload. Should I put them in the Fusion sub-forum? Jus wanna do the right thing.

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