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Possible Dumb question

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I've searched this forum and google. Haven't found an answer. I'm sure I'm just not using the right search terms.


Other than badges, what are the visual differences between the SHO and the other models of Taurus?


I've seen several others around town, but am not sure how to tell the difference from a distance.


Sorry for the dumb question.

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The 100% sure way is dual exhaust and badges (rims can be bought on reg taurus)


These are super stealthy.



"Honeycomb grill up front, and the SHO "flower" wheels, badges, etc.


They did start putting dual exhaust on the other taurus 2013 and newer.

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Those are about the only outside differences, on the interior only the SHO had the availablility of the Miko suede/leather seats and the carbon fiber look on the console and other trim pieces. On note, on the 2013's other then the SHO, all the other dual exhausts are not true duals, I believe they are only cat-back.

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Wow. I didn't realize the 10-12 was such a sleeper.




On the MKS, there is absolutely no way to tell other than the tiny little eco boost badge on the trunk. Which can obviously be taken off or put on very easily. The exception is that some MKS Ecos have the eco boost appearance package and are therefore very easy to spot. Body colored rear and lower side moldings and tinted headlights. I estimate that only 5 to 10 percent of MKS Ecos have the package. There is no performance enhancements, just aesthetic.

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Yeah' date=' I completely forgot about the auxiliary parking lamp surrounds being silver...but you are correct Chris![/quote']



Also not mentioned the on 10-12 hyper silver running light surounds. Will be black on non-sho's


The only way nose on to know it's a SHO. Then bpd goes paint them white LOL!!!

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