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Like your backup sensors, but think they are too loud?? I fixed mine. lol

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Ok, I like that my car beeps when I back up and im getting close to something. Maybe there is a volume adjustment on it, besides just OFF, but I wanted mine to still beep, but not be loud like they are now.


This mod took about 5 minutes, and its very simple.


First, Fold down both back seats.

Second, Remove 2 plastic push pins.

3rd, Place a Piece of sound deadening over the 1inch speaker.

4th, reinstall the 2 plastic push pins and you are done.


Ok, I have random pieces of left over dynamat laying around, so thats what I used, but a piece of cloth and some ducttape would also work. You are just trying to muffle that 1inch speaker. IT has a grill, so you dont have to worry about damaging the cone of the speaker. Mine is still easily hearable. You can also test this, by just placing your hand on top of the speaker as well, while its beeping at you.


This is roughly where the speaker is, while still fully assembled



Remove the 2 push pins, and lift up



In this pic, Im pointing to the 1inch speaker, which now has silver dynamat covering the top.



And there you go. If you care or never noticed, now that im talking about it, it will probably bug you. lol

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