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Proposed mods...whatcha think?

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Okay, when I joined here, someone in the "welcome" forum asked about mods. Here's what I've ordered/done, and what I'm considering. I'm open to input.


Installed: rear mats, personal window decals, Oakland Raiders rear plate frame.


Ordered: Eclipse SunShade, Lexerd MFT screen protector, Ford OE aluminum door sill plates, appointment w/ dealer for 35%/20% window tint install.


Possible: remove dealer logo, remove EcoBoost badge, order & install MGP caliper covers in black w/ red Ford oval logo, Raiders logo for MFT wallpaper.

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Before everyone says it: a tune!

If you prefer to keep it stock, springs makes the car look meaner, better, handles better and launches better... For about 500$ installed, it is a good bang for the buck.

If your car doesn't have hid lights, it looks better too. Tail light and head lights covers...

A bit of plastidip on chrome...

But a tune is by far the most enjoyable mod imo.

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Hey dwmilton... I am watching the forum with my iphone and was supposing you had a SHO. I just saw that you are the one with the nice gray Fusion...

So, my bad!

Nice car. All mods that you will be doing will most likely be a first.

Looking forward to see the evolution... As for the UFO lettering, I agree it would be cheezy. Usually when you ask yourself the question if it is cheezy, you have your answer... But it's your car.

Enjoy it!

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Oh...no tunes or suspension mods for a while. I'd have grabbed a 2.0 EB if I needed it that bad. Once warranty is out' date=' then maybe. I'll prolly keep it all simple & subtle. Not a fan of HID kits, but may research brighter bulbs.[/quote']UNLIKE steve(and he's #1 with me) I saw that you have Fusion but the mod I gave you just to make you think. The headrest I got at Wal-Mart but i have seen them at auto parts stores, I LOVE the FUSION 007 ASTON MARTIN look would do a thing to it but I love SHO BAR GRILL with body matching color but other like the no bar look. Wheels you could always go with aftermarket, paint the stock(like me) or chrone them. As steve said have fun that's what it's about. But "MASTER JEDI of SPEED" (STEVE) fun is how fast you can go from point A to point B at one time.:car::bolt:LOL
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