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Thanks to Adam's Polishes

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I must say that I am pretty disappointed with what the dealer here calls a "new" car. The finish on my '13 is appalling now that I have had a chance to thoroughly inspect it indoors and clean.

The car had ~1750 miles on it when I picked it up between the sales manager and test drives. Between the dealership washing it and probably some car washes, they really did a number on the finish. I don't know how to characterize the size of the scratches that are in the finish, but they must be near 7-800 grit.

I made 2 passes on the hood with Severe Swirl Remover (I only have the 7424 XP PC unit) and still didn't get all of them out.

With that said, I am still completely satisfied with how much I did improve the finish by following the 3 step machine process from Adam's. I may try SSR with a rotary or enlist the help of a couple friends that are in the "paintin" business to get the rest out.

Outside in the sun it is very hard to see the remaining damage, which is a good thing. Only had time to correct the hood, will be finishing the car next weekend (hopefully).












Nice and low, ready for the track:



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If you follow the SSR with a pass or 2 of the Swirl and Haze Remover, and that followed by the Fine Machine Polish, you will make the finish look even better. Be sure to follow the instructions and use the correct pads for each product. The end result will look great.

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Hey thanks buddy!!

One thing to be sure of as well, is to work the polishes until they "flash." Which is the process of which the solids within the polish fully break down. You'll know this, because the polish will become almost clear, it becomes a transparent film. That's a sign that it's done.

SSR will work the longest before flashing.

SHR will work slightly less time.

FMP will work only for a quick time, it flashes rather fast.

Also, making sure to the hit the buffing pads with a quick shot of Detail Spray. You probably did all this, but these are some common mistakes or overlooked. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have ANY questions!!!

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