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Hey guys,


Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'm currently in the market for a ecoboost SHO due to getting married and I'm sure the wife will want a baby sooner then later so its time to say goodbye to my 2013 Mustang. I'm from the chicago burbs as well so again just wanted to stop by and say hi.


Question I'm looking at 2010-12's are there any issues with 2010's compared to the all the other years?

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I have a 2010 with 40K everything is OK so far. Several guys complained about 2010 having early plug failure so I changed mine to the 2011+ plug. Also some early ecos had the knock sensor wire rub up against the head and eventually rub through. Guys noticed a loss of power and found the knock sensor was taking out timing because it was shorted.


I tied my sensor wire up but never had a problem with it. Good luck! These are great performance cars in family car disguise.

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