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SIZE=4]FRIDAY MAR 15 BABY!!!!!![/size] Me and 770airport plus two guys from Camaro5.com are going down to Silver dollar raceway. I don't hink Airport has LMS.:baby::RpS_sad: So he will have to take the lite wts. wild I KICK the SS Camaro's BUTTS.:boink::RpS_flapper: There is a 2013 660hp FORD GT-500 Mustang NOW THAT's SCARE ME I thing I have him out the hole maybe 60' after that it s all up to the driver. 1/8mi maybe but a 12.4 to 11.9sec 1/4mi is not out of his ball park. OH IWHAT I WOULD DO FOR SOME METH NOW:Cry::hail:[

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