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Took the SHO on a 840mile(round trip) road trip over a long weekend. LOVE THIS THING

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Long story short went to southern OR to see my in laws for a long weekend. it was our first road trip in the SHO, and both my wife and I love this car even more now after 12hrs and 840miles on the road(combined) i am left just impressed, with this car.


we all know about the power of the SHO, but the comfort and ride of this car are almost a better kept secret then it HEMI stomping power.


it takes us about 6 hrs on the dot to go the 420miles to the in laws house. OR has 65MPH speed limits and after getting busted big time years ago in OR i dont push it very much. found a MPG sweet spot with the ACC set to 72-73. OBC showed a MPG of 27.1 on the way down, but actually calculated out to 27.7 with good ole fashioned math. on the way back, i used the same formula, with temps be a little cooler and the OBC shows 27.6, but i figure once i fill it up and divide it out it should be ticking 28.0.


impressive as hell for a 4200lbs+ AWD twin turbo charged rocket sled imho. speaking of the ACC, what a god send. to sit there and just basically steer, wow. made the 6hr drive feel like 1-2hrs tops. i sat and hat m butt/back massaged, cooled my butt, and at times heated my butt.


My wife has a surgically repaired back and feels great after the drive. we replaced our 2005 TSX with the sho, and outside of the 34mpg it would get on the same trip i dont miss it one bit.


i did learn a few things:


ACC is a delight, but gets fooled on long sweeping curves.


twin turbo torque means the car NEVER shifts out of 6th, even climbing mountain passes


most OR drivers think your state patrol


a hemi charger is NO match for a SHO while sprinting down an on ramp


im just head over heels for this car, it does everything single thing i ask it, and it does it with missing a beat, while being whisper quite and stupid quick for its size.


Thanks FORD>

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I agree that it's incredibly awesome that this car doesn't need to drop a gear going up hills, the torque is just awesome. It makes sense with our torque curves being available at close to max power throughout the whole rpm range. Even when passing on the highway I rarely drop a gear. Unless someone cuts me off or rides my tailgate, then I sho(w) them just what SHO means.


Also, I like those mpg numbers! Is that with or without a tune? Is that regular or premium gasoline?

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I managed the trek from my hometown, out to the 21st Nat'l SHO Convention last Summer, held in Minnesota.


Was a solid 8.5hr trip if memory serves me correctly.


I managed that same MPG (23.9-24.2) on mine, but was probably doing around 80MPH on average. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.


Loved the trip though & the massaging (and cooled) seats were a real life saver let me tell 'ya.


Minimal, to zero fatigue at all. A real pleasure to drive this car on a long trip.


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I hear you on the prowess of the SHO for long distance cruising.

Last month I pulled a 630 round trip from Santa Monica to Lake Havasu City, AZ and back.

Easy cruising, comfortable, great sounds and good MPG. Averaged 24 at 75 mph. Stock tune and PP package.

Bonus. A lot of thumbs up from folks on the road checking out the Tuxedo Black 4 door cruiser.

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