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What color Calipers...?

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I'd go silver...the red looks good, but for my tastes a contrasting color makes the calipers stand out too much, and that's not the look I wanted...I didn't want the calipers to be the focal point of the car and I believe that the bright red color really draws the eye to them...I wanted more of a subtle look, so that you only noticed them when taking a little time to look over the entire car.

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Unless they were brembo (which would look great in red), you want it to look clean but not drag attention to calliper covers (in red it would look cheap imo)... If you choose to go with calliper covers, I would definitely go with silver. If you choose an other color (red, green or blue), it would look nice if painted.

Just my .02.

Here is how mine looked painted in blue with plastidipped wheels (the guy painted them just a bit too dark):


Please post pics of whatever you will have chosen...



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Well you asked our opinions.


I don't like to look at a car and have the brake calipers shout out to my eyes! Since when are brake calipers a styling cue?? Just don't like it. Even on a beautiful Ferrari, yellow calipers make me cringe.


Silver or black would be my choice. What wheels do you have? That is a definite consideration.


Ps. Those who have/prefer contrasting paint color calipers I am not dissing you. We just have different opinions on this subject and I totally respect yours. Reason I say this is on another forum I'm a member of, a member asked for opinions on something and when those different opinions surfaced, people took offense and it got ugly.

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