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My nexus 7/torque app install

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First I would like to thank (I think) larrylu for the idea. Here is my version on the Nexus 7 install running the torque app.


Here comes the photos...


First remove speaker cover.



4 clips total one on each corner.



Damn that speaker is small.



Next I bent a bracket out of scrap metal I had. It's hard to make complex bends with a vise 2" angle iron and a ball peen hammer.




Here is where I mounted it. I had to drill a hole through it to get the screwdriver through to tighten the bracket.




I covered the the back in self adhesive felt and the front with Velcro.



I had to notch my speaker cover a little to get it to sit flush.



Here it is up and running.





Well there it is. I will probably remove it later and fix some of the felt that I'm not real happy with. It is rigid and as soon as I get my right angle power cord I will route that.

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It looks very nice. I hear ya for the felt, but just a bit of touch up and it should be even better!

I am a dinosaure when it comes to technology, so can you elaborate the setup please?

Is it a phone or a tablet? Beside buying the tablet or phone, you need to buy the torque app and that is it?

Is there a lot of prigramming to be able to see the gauges and have accurate numbers.

I used to have Chris Curtis gauge pod, but left it is the 2010 before I changed for the 2013. It seems that the option you have chosen might be an interesting route, cheaper and easier... Not that his gauge pod was expensive, but the installation of the gauges and the prices of nice gauges is what makes it more expensive... For the moment I need to consult boost and tempeature because they are vital information with the use of methanol.

Thank you for taking the time, step by step for a real dummy, to explain to me how it works.

I have an iphone and apparently it doesn't offer such an app.

Lastly, in your setup, it is fixed with a

Velcro so that you can

Remove the tablet/phone when you park your car in a public place right?

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Nice job TractorAK. Your install looks nice and clean. I especially enjoy looking at the solutions you found to the same issues I just wrestled with. You did not mention how you are powering it and turning it on and off. I'd love to hear your thinking on that also. Lastly I'd really like to hear your thoughts on your boost numbers.

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Nice! I've just been using my Droid Razr/Torque with a cell phone holder but it mounts pretty low on the console so it isn't totally useful as a guage. I like that mounting point...


Steve - You will also need an OBDII reader that is capable of either bluetooth (for Android) or Wifi (iPhone) connectivity. It plugs in from the OBDII port and sends the data to the phone/tablet via wireless. I don't have it with me but I know there are similar apps for the iPhone but I have no idea how they compare or what they cost. I remember something called "Rev" for the iPhone but I haven't looked at that in a long time.

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Sorry guys it was 1 am when I posted so I wasn't all there.


I am using the OBDLink MX for the bluetooth sender on my OBDII port. I went with the more expensive one due to the auto shutoff and the claimed 400% faster transmit rate. Also there were some knock offs of the cheaper one and it sounded like a grab bag on whether or not you got a good one. I paid $145.00 for mine.


I went with the Nexus 7 tablet because the Torque app only works on android and at the time I did not know that there was an adapter that worked with apple. In hindsight though I would still do what I did due to the low cost of a 7" android Tablet. I paid 140$ for my used Nexus versus around $330 for the Apple mini. I have an ipad2 but that would have been too big and I think a phone would be too small.


As far as a power solution I am waiting for my 90 degree power cable and I am still on the fence for the always power vs. on start up. I know I will run into the same problem as you Larrylu so my decision will rest on do I want to hit the power button every time I start the car or not. I'm tempted to run it how you have it now and just either pull it out every couple of days and bring it in for full charge or snake a cord through the window in the garage and charge it while mounted over night.


I used Velcro because it made it easier to make the bracket and it gave me wiggle room to get it placed how I wanted as far as how close it sat in relation to the screen. I was basically cave-manning the bracket as I don't have access to a metal brake to get precise bends so I needed fudge factor. I also have to travel to villages once in a while for work so being able to hide it while at the airport or just remove it is a great option.


As far as boost numbers you can see the gauge I am using. I am running the 90 octane map and I spike to 15psi when I hammer it. I have not been able to get on it since I mounted it so I haven't seen where it sits during a steady pull. I haven't adjusted any numbers yet because I don't know where I should be and folks were mentioning 15psi so I was thinking I'm golden.


There wasn't a lot of setup on the gauges themselves. It took me a bit to find the settings to change to Fahrenheit. I am still learning the program myself it looks like as you scan through the available gauges the ones that are being read are highlighted in Green so you know which ones you can choose. My big thing is what do I want to monitor.


All in all I have approx $320.00 into the build. To me it is a no brainer I know the look probably isn't for everyone, and my wife hasn't seen it yet, however for the money it is a sweet setup. Also the fact that I can take (it minus the bracket) and put it into any of my other cars is awesome. With the torque app allowing you to have multiple vehicle profiles.


Here are some daylight shots.





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Love the setup. Do you think there would be away to make a quick release for the bracket somehow where you could remove the part that connects to the tablet so you couldn't tell anything was there? I wouldn't mind it but I don't think my wife would go for it.


You can see the hole I put in the bracket to fit the screw driver through to tighten the screw. Well when I put on the felt and the Velcro I used a razor blade to x the hole so I could still fit the screw driver through after it was covered. I could pop up the speaker cover and undo that screw in less than a minute if I was trying to break a record. I'm not sure if the wife will like it either but she hardly drives it and she is pretty good about not busting my balls too bad about my tech porn.

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