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How do you update SYNC?

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I've got a 2011 SHO with NAV. I noticed on SyncMyRide that my car has an update for SYNC, so I downloaded it to my USB drive (It's a smaller file than I thought it would be @ 3.6MB) and I followed the instructions. The instructions say to download the file to your USB drive, pop it into your USB port, turn on the radio, and hit AUX. I don't have an AUX button, so I'm at an immediate loss. I've gone into the Media section and selected User Media, changed the source to USB, and it says there is nothing worthy on my USB drive... yet I know there is.


What am I doing wrong or missing here?





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Don't you have to start the car and leave it running? I haven't updated mine in a while but seems that's one of the things they say you need to do. No clue why you have to do that it seems a waste of fuel to me.


This might help:



Yea, I started up the car two different times. I started it up, plugged in the USB stick, and went through all of the menus... then I left the USB stick in and started it up... nada. I'll check out that video to see if it shows me what to do.








Edit: Checked out the video, and it tells me to hit this mysterious AUX button. :(

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OK.. this is stupid. I used a different, crappier USB stick I got while at CES (A press kit) and popped it in. SYNC sure liked this one. I went into the user media and changed the source to USB... Voilà! Ugh!


I'm now just sitting here at an "Installation Complete" screen, hoping it changes over soon.



Last Edit:


I sat there for a bit, hoping it would go away. I ended up hitting a button to make it move off of that screen, and all is well. I popped the USB stick back into my computer and hit the Confirm Update, and it said all is well. I did not see two "Installation Complete" messages, but it certainly did reboot the system.


Hopefully this info helps the next person wondering. :)

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