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Why does the F150 3.5 Ecoboost make 420 ft-lbs torque vs the SHO's 350 ft-lbs?

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Fellow EBOF member's Darreli, & 1stSHO are the only two that are running the upgraded turbo's.


But traction has been an issue due to the power they are each putting down (like 440awhp & 530awtq around there).


Besides reworking the internals, utilizing better seals, the biggest difference is the upsizing of the inlet wheel.


Stock inlet wheel is 38mm, if memory serves me correctly, the upgraded turbos use 55mm wheels.


I believe pricing, for the turbo's themselves only, are around like $2,500 or so for the pair. That includes you supplying cores.


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Aftermarket pistons and rods are in the works....


"In the works" :noidea:


LMS already created them. Last Summer actually.....


I'll look around & dig up the thread.


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Found the threads, here are the links below:





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