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Paint correction: 2002 Subaru WRX STI

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This was a unique detail. The client contacted me & had a SPECIFIC budget $$$. However, he thought his paint was in much better condition than he realized. Lol. You know the guy: "Oh man, it's in good shape. I wax it every month." Always cracks me up when people think that a coat of wax "fixes" all their problems. NEEDLESS to say, this thing was HAMMERED. Had never seen a proper wash or polisher in 10 years of existence. So after my initial wipedown, I contacted the client, and we decided the ENTIRE budget would go towards paint correction, and no $$$ spent on interior or engine bay or wheels & tires. On top of that, the weather wasn't cooperating. Night time drop off, night time work, & night time pickup. So, unfortunately there are no daytime or sunlight pics (due to rain), only under crucial light in my garage. Upon this realization, here was the process:



This thing was NEGLECTED!! On with the pics! When I say it was neglected, I wasn't kidding!













Some 50/50 shots during correction. The client and I agreed that 100% perfect was out of his budget, so we decided to shoot for about the 80% correct mark. And I feel we achieved that.













The plastic trim on this baby was oxidized & faded, BAD. After a good cleaning, I revitalized the trim with Adam's SVRT.





And here's some "finished" shots. Again, I apologize for not being able to snag some daylight shots. mad.gif But these halogens are pretty revealing. smile.gif







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Nice work, Chase. Too many people do not realize that paint is not a living thing, you can't keep scrubbing it and expect it to grow back (unlike dirt and swirls and all the other "nasties").


How much time was invested in this WRX? How do you tell when paint is clean enough after the wash to start claying?

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Thanks buddy!! :) I honestly think MOST people "think" they're doing it right, lol. And simply have no idea they're harming their own car with crappy towels and dirty wash mits, lol....


This particular car I had 10 hours in polishing. But it was done leisurely while sharing beverage with friends. :)

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That is amazing work. I would love to have my cobra done. Is there anyone in the northern Virginia that you know does good work? What would this run generally?


Honestly, you can do it yourself, with Adam's products and following instructions, you can really make your vehicles look amazing...that is if you have the time to do it. It does take a bit of time and effort to get a finish to look great.

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