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Picked up my Green Gem '13 PP SHO back in January & been a lurker on the forum since. Love the car, such a great power & comfort package.

Finally decided to contribute and post.


Only took a few months to get bit by the Mod bug. Airaid CAI was first and just finished installing LMS Catted Downpipes and Corsa exhaust today.


Being from NE, already had to strip off the PP 20's and pick up the winter set:




Just wanted to say thanks to the group. All the info on this forum has been a great resource in figuring out the pro's/con's of Mods and tips/tricks on making an already great ride fantastic.





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Thanks for the welcome. Never knew the Green was a rarity.


Can upload some clips soon. I've got some Pre/Post exhaust vids lying around, just need to get them uploaded.


Just tripped the CEL light today... Already have the MyCal device but awaiting Tune upload from LMS. Schedule and lift access is a little tight and I couldn't wait to install the exhaust parts.


Shoman: The un-studded snow tires have better overall grip in cold conditions (IIRC, it's got something to do with the rubber compound) and it's not hard to have deeper treads than the PP packaged performance tires. Obviously this affects the dry/warm-weather grip and rolling resistance/noise. The ones i purchased are also narrower than stock, which improves PSI on the contact patch. The theory is that wide tires will just float over the snow and not actually penetrate into snow and try and make contact with the pavement.


Leadfoot: MPG...tough to tell. Seems about the same but it's only been 1 day :) Maybe it's just placebo effect, but it seems like the throttle response and shifting have been altered since the LMS Pipes and Exhaust add-on. I'm hoping that will be corrected once the tune is installed.


I'm curious to see what happens to the exhaust note with the Tune. Good throaty note right now and no highway drone. Only noticeable above 2.5k RPM or under hard acceleration.


Thanks again EBOF members.

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