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Anyone data logged their tuned 2013 when punching it from a 40mph+ roll?

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I flashed my '13 with the Livernois tune this afternoon. Made a large difference in power, very nice. On my first run, it spun the tires off the line, then chirped on the 1-2 shift. Feels like it's a good bit quicker now.


Anyway, upon data logging my car using Torque, I've found something odd.


I'm logging both Commanded A/F ratio and Actual A/F ratio. If I punch it off the line, both go to 11:0 and stay there through multiple gears, as long as I stay in the throttle. If I punch it while going over 40mph or so, both go to almost 15:0 and stay there through multiple gears, as long as I stay in the throttle. This is very consistent.


The car is not bucking or acting strange, at the times where it goes to 15:0, and it feels exactly the same as when it's at 11:0.


Can anyone else with Torque and a Livernois tuned 2013 go try this out and report back if the same happens to them? I'm wondering if Torque is fritzing out, or if there's actually a problem with the tune (which would seem weird, I know Livernois is a top notch tuner).


So, please, try data logging your A/F ratio punching it off the line, and then rolling and punching it at speed, say 40mph or 50mph, and report back.

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Post your logs from the runs' date=' Torque can actually save the logs and people can look at them for you.[/quote']


Ok I'll take some. Carefully. Lol.


What parameters do you want me to log? I was looking at AFR actual and AFR commanded. So strange that when you hit it off the line it stays right at 11:1, but when you hit it from a move, stays at ~ 14.8:1.


After I take that log, think I'm going to flash it back to stock and log it stock. If it does this stock as well, I'm going to be pretty confused.

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Ok I don't understand this log. I set the display showing the actual and commanded afr's, as well as the LT and ST fuel trims for both banks, turned on logging, made some runs, turned off logging. But the log has time, and then 4 columns of data, wherein each data item in the column is identical.



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Update: I spoke to livernois today. Class act. They are going to load my exact tune in their car, try to replicate what I did, and get back to me.


They did tell me, and I believe, that if I was actually running that lean, the car wouldn't have felt good, and would have just stumbled and felt really slow.


With their tune, the car was ripping, felt great. Felt like she had an easy high 12 in her.


So, we shall see. I'd like to get to the bottom of this, because the stock tune stinks in comparison. Man. Car is so sluggish. Lol

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Update: LMS had me update my tuner, reload the tune, and try again. The issue is now gone. At WOT now, no matter what speed I'm at when I hit it, the AFR goes to 11:1.


So I am very happy that they listened to me, took my concern seriously, and worked with me to fix the issue. Great dudes.

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Wasn't complaining, just stating that is explains the update more than likely. Was just wondering what changed and this probably explains it. Their customer service is top notch and I don't think anyone can find something to complain about with their service. Def. top notch!



No doubt. But hey they fixed whatever the real issue was' date=' as soon as they knew of it. Not much room for us to complain. Nobody's car blew up, so clearly my data log didn't tell the full picture.[/quote']
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Did anyone ever resolve this or talk with Livernois about this possible A/F condition...Or did everyone just shrug their shoulders and hope things aren't running lean? I'm looking to get a tune after a couple small warranty claims I need to get taken care of and this sudden unresolved thread seams a little ominous! :|


It seams like Livernois doesn't participate in the threads anymore either eh? What happened?

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