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Hello from Fort Drum, NY


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New to the forum and look forward to meeting some SHO owners. I am a proud owner of a 2011 PP SHO (tuxedo black). I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and look forward to my return next month and installing the mods I ordered for my SHO. MyCal Tune device, Corsla Cat backs, HR Springs, AirRaid CAI, EBC Ultimax brake rotors w/Red stuff pads and MGP Caliper covers. Soon to post pictures and track footage. Thank you Livernois Motorsports for the great service, I almost made mistake of ordering the Hennessy 445 package.

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Pappy welcome! :wave:


Glad to see that not only you found us, but also that you took a moment to join your fellow late model SHO owners.


Good that you created an 'intro' thread as well.


I was wondering to myself when I saw you had posted in a few of my threads, when you were gonna do that. But now I understand that your time may be somewhat limited as you state you're currently deployed overseas.


Thank you for your service, keep safe and God's speed for an expidious trip back home.


I went and took the liberty of searching up that link you had requested the info on (rather than you doing it yourself) to that end, here you go:




If you should happen to have any other questions, feel free to ask away, or just shoot me a PM since I don't always get immediately back to thread post(s) as I am monitoring all of them on a day to day basis (both from a laptop, and my handy smart phone).


Btw, it's Mike here......


and you are??

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Thank you for the warm welcome and the link' date=' I was able to fine some sites with after market mods and body kits but there just are not that many, like mobsteel etc.[/quote']


Very true.


I suspect there are a lot of reasons for that, but I have been pretty successful in convincing some of the vendors I've found, to proceed with various products &/or projects.


Mobsteel, and it's owner Adam Genei & his staff are top notch. As other members here will confirm, I was the sole "instigator" that persistently pestered them for almost 12mo.'s straight to get them to make those mesh grilles.


I've directed lots of business their way and I try to do the exact same thing for each and every other vendor I have developed relations with....


Continued success in mod'n your SHO & once again, if questions should arise, feel free to post them as you will come to find that your fellow EB community is filled with great, knowledgeable members!




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