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Rick Bottom's SEMA SHO for sale!!!!


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Yea Rick told me he was sell;n the SHO & asked if I knew of anyone interested.... that was back in November of last year when our communication paths finally crossed as I was pestering him about that lower front chin spoiler.


I didn't really know of anyone at the time, nor even now really, but it is a pretty sharp look'n SHO & considering it's in the same ball park as a brand new one that isn't modified, seems a reasonable price to ask.




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Has it been tuned? Guess I should consider it.....


Currently thinking (dreaming) about a CTS-V wagon..... Some deals on used 2011s ($52-$55K) Or.... may just mod the 08'G8GT a bit more. It's bigger, weighs less, and for another $12K will out run-out handle any CTS-V. Also think it is better looking, and down here in Naples... It certainly attracts more attention. (Rich Napoleans don't see many CHEAP fast cars...) I am going to cause an accident with all the gawkers who try and figure out what it is.. (Holden badge package everywhere). Need to spend the $$$ and get rid of front V and fill holes + add another Lion badge.

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