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Hello Mr. BMW 550i!


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Just had to post this little story. I was on my way to Sunken Treasure Scuba Center (plug for my store) when I noticed a nice, black, BMW 550i behind me. Now I had seen this car on the highway before and so I decided to play a little. We had some traffic in front of us and we both pulled out to pass....an aggressive pass with foot fairly deep in the throttle, I might add! I saw the the BMW was staying right with me, so for the next 7-8 miles we had a rather quick drive into S. Williamsport, PA. We managed to end up beside each other at a stop light, and the BMW driver rolled down his window and said; "Dang, that thing is quick! And it looks sharp!" I thanked him for the fun drive and with a wave to each other we were off on our separate ways, but I was very pleased with how the SHO performed with the BMW, I could actually out accelerate him (just a bit) from 55-80 and he could not really gain on me. It was a fun drive and I am pretty sure the Beemer driver has a new found respect for the SHO. But it can be our little secret, I didn't mention the little touch that the boys from Livernois added to my car to make it better...but that can be between us guys!

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