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Motor Trend 2013 SHO review

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I'm wondering if how the extra 11lbs per wheel will affect acceleration and handling.


The 11 lbs is centered around the axle rather than like a wheel and tire, so it shouldn't hurt handling and have less effect on acceleration than a large tire/rim where the weight is further from the axle center. If one installed the same diameter lighter weight wheel/tire you would have the same stance but with much better braking/similar handling in the 2013.


My 2010 EB Flex, which weighs at least 400 lbs more than the SHO and has same brake package as non PP, has never had any brake issues like so many SHO and Flex owners have experienced. But... I had lighter weight wheels/tires early on, and last summer installed Stop Tech front pads and Power Slot rotors on front & upgraded pads/rotors on back. It stops much better than stock, but assume if it were driven in an AutoCross, they would fade fairly quickly.

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I don't understand why the brakes can't be retrofitted to the 10-12. Did they change the whole hub design on the 13? I can't see Ford changing too much up. Heck, even on my 95 Tbird, with a simple swap to Mustang hubs, Cobra rotors/calipers were a direct replacement back then. I guess I need to see pictures to understand the differences.

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They sure where a lot happier with the new brakes. That 2013 is really sharp, maybe for 2014 they will get rid of those flower pedal wheels.


My ONLY regret in life is not looking for (as I wasnt aware of at the time) a performance package car. Thats it, my only regret. Good reason to trade in for a PP car right? Probably not, for 2013 at least. But who knows maybe someday.

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