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New (to me) 2011 PP SHO and a ?

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Well I just picked up a 2011 Tuxedo Black performance package SHO with 15K on the odometer! I love the car and am still getting used to all the 'features'. Thanks to this forum I've checked my knock sensor wires and learned a great deal about the car so I appreciate it!


I do have one question that I can't find the answer to that I'm hoping someone out there may already know. I use my Android phone and a program called "Torque" that allows me to use my OBDII adapter to read codes, create gauges etc...I can see a ton of the OBDII parameters including the Wideband O2 sensor, boost, RPM, fuel pressure etc...but I can't see anything for Knock Retard? I came out of a supercharged GTP and monitoring knock was kind of essential so the thing didn't blow up. Obviously this car has knock sensors and it retards timing but does anyone know what the PID is to read that parameter?


Thanks in advance...

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Dunno the answer to your knock PID question, but hopefully someone here will.


Welcome to the EB Community, glad you've enjoyed it thus far....


Congrats on the '11 SHO you've purchased, hopefully you'll love her as much as the rest of us love ours :thumb:


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