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Can Anyone Spot The Newest Addition?

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Is that new lettering under "Twin Turbo"?


In fact Mark, yes it is new lettering under my Twin Turbo lettering.


Good eyes my friend :thumb:





Actually I mentioned this to our fellow forums member Classic Cars (Ken) a couple of weeks back and he was gracious enough to make my ideas become a reality.


Suttle enough, but you know me, always loving to advertise :thumb:



:eyebrows:Your wife is pregnant:RpS_w00t: AGAIN???????:eyebrows: (:tape2: you mentioned a new addition:tape2:)


HELL NO BOB! Yikes! I got snipped over 10 years ago tyvm..... unless ofcourse she's had some visitors that I'm not aware of :noidea:

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Mike' date=' I had mentioned earlier that I didn't care for the TT decals but since the added "methanol injected" lettering I think they look much better. I now approve and really like the look...great new addition![/b']


Thanks Mark.


Much appreciated. I know of course there will be nay sayers out there that hold fast to the mantra of the sleeper status.....


However, blame it on my advertising background (prior to my LEO work) that compels me to..... well, advertise!


I think, as one can tell from the overall pic, that the newly added verbage is rather small (only a mere 1/4" in heigth actually).


It's suttle enough, but let's one know up close, what's lurking below her outer shell.


Like I've said previously in other posts, threads, forums...... my personal experiences from having done the car show circuit (both local and National shows) with the Charger, the vast majority of attendees have no clue wth they're looking at.....


So sometimes, by advertising the goods, it helps grease the wheels and the votes, to help garner those sought after trophies/awards.


I thank you for your input, both detracting before, and approving of now, both are appreciated!


Bottom line, glad you like :thumb:

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Thank you, Thank You, and Thank you... :hail:


Whaddya think look'n at this latest shot of those TSW's I'm think'n about?


They oughta compliment the overall theme yea?


Ya, you may be on to something. Been right so far as to what looks good on your car. I like them.


You may need a little shine on them thou. Like a rim that is black in the middle and with a bright lip.




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