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I thought I read about this before, but is anyone having problems with the front passenger not getting any heat when the temp is turned up? My climate control was in dual mode (wife wanted it really warm) and I wanted cool air. She cranked her side up to 80 and my side was on 70. After a while, my side was up to temp, hers was outside temp (48). I powered the system on and off, turned the car on and off, set it to single temp, nothing works. The pass side is still cold. Anyone have any suggestions. Besides taking it in for service, which I will do if nobody has a solution. Thanks in advance.

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A few years back I had a similar issue on my wife's former Lincoln LS. When I hooked my scan tool up to the climate control system I was able to see that the air discharge temp sensor was railed. On her car, the driver's air discharge, pass air discharge, and evaporator air temp sensors were all the same part number so I was able to move the sensors around and confirm that the railed reading always followed the particular sensor, as did the lack of proper temp control. I ordered a new sensor for $21 from the local dealer who had it for me the next day. Installed it an all was better.


I'm not sure if all the sensors are the same on the SHO, but may be worth a try.



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Took the car in yesterday for repairs. I noticed that the pass side CC seemed to be working, albeit at a cooler temp. Anyways, they wrote that they were unable to find anything with the "Right front seat heater". I am looking at the receipt thinking and then saying "WTF, the seat?" Luckily I didnt have to pay, and the heater climate control system seems to be working fine now. Oh well, I will be happy when my regular service writer comes back.

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