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*sigh* All good things come to an end *sigh*


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Well, I guess all good things must come to an end....


My recovery from my shoulder surgery has been progressing better than I expected. My physical therapist agrees.


I return to work for tonight's shift, albeit light duty / restricted status (for now).


My next follow up with the surgeon is towards the beginning of April, & my PT guy seems to think I'll be "good to go".


So although I'm not really looking forward to 12hr shifts of desk duty, paper shuffling, and other trivial nonsense, I suppose 2 weeks or so of being a paper shuffler ain't all that bad.


I am thankful that not only has my recovery gone very well thus far, but also that I had a great 1 month run of incredible weather here in Chi-Town to take advantage of....


Wish me luck y'all :thumb:

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Great to know that your recovery is going well. Let us know how your first shifts are going. Hopefully you won't get stuck working 3rd's or Morning Watch (2200 to 0700). Doing night shifts while on light duty is the worst, time just drags... anyway good luck returning, let us know how things are going, and most of all, Stay Safe!

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