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Test Drive: Ford Police Interceptor and Interceptor Utility

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I really like the grill. Maybe a variant of it. Large honey comb holes, but with a chrome outer frame.


I wonder if one could order it and if it would fit the 2010-12 cars.........


Couldn't retro it on the prior model years without having also swapped out:


1.) The hood

2.) The entire front bumper clip

3.) The headlights.


Look at how the front of the hood hangs over the grille.


Inside portions of each head assembly are angled different.


The bumper clip also has different angles on it to accomodate the new heads (and grille designs), including the lower grille where it juts outwards, away from the car.


It's a nice thought though :thumb:

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Just got an email back from our Chief today, he said he's pitching 13 of the new Taurus PI's for our agency this budget year and sees no issues whatsoever about obtaining approval from the powers that be.


Now this is absolutely wonderful news because our agency was slated to pick up 15 of the new PI's last budget year (9 Taurus's, 6 Explorer's) but due to the constant production set backs from FMC, that fell through the cracks and in the interim, our agency got saddled with 5 of the new Wimpala's.


Guys are not happy at all with the Chevy's, nor is the Chief for that matter. They've already had a host of electrical issues, and they seem poorly put together. Plus, real world MPG from those officer's who have been assigned to them are reporting anywhere from 7- 10 MPG, which is a far cry of what was being touted.


I offered to sit in on the Chief's presentation to the board, but he said that it wasn't necessary as he believes I am too knowledgeable on the subject matter. Ha..... polite way of saying thanks, but no thanks.


Either way, I'm just elated to hear that those 5 Chevy's did end up only being a temporary fix until FMC finally released the PI's for sale, and are now currently fulfilling backorders.


Maybe I'll have to snap off a couple of pics of my own SHO, and the new squads (whenever they actually arrive) :thumb:

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Please do get some photos and I'd really appreciate your knowledgeable review of real world experience and impressions of patrol duty in the SHO. It will also carry some weight with our chief since it will be coming from an active duty LEO. Just wish I could spend a little time behind the wheel of the PI...but alas those days are OVER!

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I wish we would have gone to the taurus' date=' instead we went with the Chevy PPV. Fast car, but no room...I will drive the crown vic till we phase them all out.[/quote']

We have hundreds of them sitting on storage lots waiting to be used. Going to be a while for us. And even when they do order new, they will have smaller motors. They did that with the 9c1's, 4.3l 8 cylinders. Useless cars those were.

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