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A Few New Pics (03/24/12)....

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Was kind of bored today, so took advantage of the cloudy day to snap off a few pics. My photog pal always said pics are best under cloudy skies.


Anyhow, nothing special really, just detailed her up, and also re-sprayed my Mobsteel mesh grilles as they incurred a few rock dings, etc.


So to that end, here 'ya go..... hope y'all like 'em. Nothing pro like mind you, just my amateur skills:




























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Nice pics!!! BUT... you need to find some new backgrounds! ;) LOL


I know right. Sorry.


Usually don't wanna dirty it all up driving it around after a healthy bath & detail.


I have touched base with my photog pal & mentioned we need to schedule another shoot sometime soon. He agreed.


So better pics (with better backgrounds) forthcoming :thumb:


But glad y'all like the ones posted in the interim.


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Yeah' date=' I'd love to see some topless coeds frolicking around the SHO. :D[/quote']


Probably can reach out and hit up some old model friends of mine.


Realistically, topless ain't gonna happen. Plus it'd be somewhat difficult finding a site to host the images upon


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Is it a cover over the original ? How thick is it? Is it a two piece like how you would make a hood?


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Laid over the cover. Took about six attempts in total.


The clear has a few heat related stress cracks in it now, but I would expect that over the years.


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