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Vehix.com lists the 2010 F150 with one of the top best resale value(s).....

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Saw this online article today, which was touting various mfg'd vehicles as having the best resale values in the combined, used car/truck market(s).....


According to Vehix.com the 2010 F150 came in on their rankings as #11.....


Here's the article: http://comcast.vehix.com/articles/top-10-list/2010-cars-best-resale-values/11


Thought you F150 owners might find that interesting. No it's not an EcoBoost F150 either, so considering it's a "base" model, y'all EB F150 owner's might be fairing even better in some automotive circles, not sure :noidea:


Enjoy the read


Mike :wave:

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I'm not surprised at this ranking, I know when I traded both my 98 F-150 and my 07 Lincoln Mark LT, I was pretty amazed at the trade in value even from a dealer. I would venture to say they probably held value better then any other vehicle I've ever owned...well, as long as you don't count the 68 Shelby GT-350....

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