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Anyone have a bad fuel injector?

EcoBrick Bob

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All of a sudden, I have a cylinder (#1) that shows a mis-fire. It seems to happen at very low RPM at stoplights etc. with A/C on. Pulled plug and it seems slightly wet with fuel after letting car idle with the miss occurring in driveway. Replaced the plug, but new one also fouled at low RPM. Switched the coil packs with #3 cylinder and it made no difference. Code popped up after about 3 min of rough idling as #1 mis-fire again. When over 3,000 RPM everything is fine. Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? In reviewing the Ford Shop Manual on injector replacement, one needs to use a Fuel Injector Brush to clean the orifice in the combustion chamber. Thinking I have something partially clogging the orifice, rather than a bad injector, but it could be either or both. Flex has 34,700 mi on it.


Will video scope it out tomorrow before I go further....


Info... or Suggestions?

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This is what might be the problem.... That's the coding I am getting... Also... the last mis-fire issue I had about 2 months ago was the plug ceramic broken and dropped that is shown in this TSB.


Anyone else have these issues?


TSB 11-8-19




P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306 OR P0316

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