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Logged on....ooops......not logged on!


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It depends on how much inactivity between browsing.


In other words, if you sign in, start reading a thread or a couple of posts, then your phone rings, or you get distracted for any other reason & step away from your PC/Laptop....


It will sign you out automatically.


The only way to avoid having this occur is on the forums home page where you sign in, check or highlight the little box where it says "Remember Me?" or something like along those lines.


Hope that resolves your issue and glad you like the forum.


If you're having any other issues, either PM me, Showgun (Colin), or ADMIN.


Mike :wave:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk

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Actually Mike it's a bit quicker than that. For instance if I logged in and read an answer to my question then decide I need to send a reply, I often find I'm logged out before I can send the reply. Then I need to copy my text, and paste in to a new reply after logging in again. I'm not saying this happens all the time and I haven't figured out enough yet to be able to predict or duplicate. Just noticed more than once and found it curious.

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