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Hey all! Newbie from MI (work in Lansing and live in East Lansing). New to this forum, but not car forums. I have been a member of the cadillacowners.com forums since 2006 and am also a member (and mod) of two Impala Forums (I used to have an 09 SS).



I purchased a Certified 2010 MKS Ecoboost a few weeks ago. 20 inch rims,Ultimate package, and optional wood door trim. Steel Blue. I am very happy with it so far. Below are a few pics, before tint, and after.




BEFORE tint with the Caddy (SLS)





BEFORE tint the day I got it




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^^ Thanks. I had white as my first choice, but then saw this and really liked it, and it was a smoking deal IMO. I have liked the blueish color ever since GM started offering it on trucks. I had an 07 Escalade (silver) and everytime I saw a steel blue (or whatever GM calls it), I wished mine was that color. I like the red as well, but really generally try to go for lighter colors, as I am pretty anal about keeping it clean. I have found that white and silver make my life most livable. LOL>


Also, I just got back from a vacation last week in PA. First visiting relatives in the Poconos, then passed through Hershey (factory and the car Museum), then spent two days in Gettysburg. Was I anywhere near you?

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So did I scrming! Wick rd and hazel. How old are you? I'll be 44 this year.


I'll be 49 this year... we lived just south of Wick, between Telegraph and Pardee... so a bit East of you.... Went to Taylor Center Elementary! LOL! We moved North to Prescott (just North of Standish and East of West Branch) when I was 10...

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Ok, wasn't even aware TC ever had a elementary school. Was a high school for as long as I can remember and had been closed for nearly 20yrs and been torn down in stages over the years and it's completely gone. But with 5yrs between us we prolly wouldn't have known each other, all though I did have many friends down that way that had old brothers you prolly went to school with. If you can remember back that far.

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