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Engine Hood Vents For My SHO (Completed 05/25/12)

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So I motored on over to my Dealership today to pick up the remainder of my 2013 auxiliary engine/trans/oil cooler parts that I ordered and I decided to go back to their "secret squirrley" inventory parking lot to look over one of the new 2013 Police Pkg Taurus's so I can see exactly how it's mounted, etc.


.......and while back there, I happened to notice a brand spanking new 2013 Mustang GT with an engine hood that included heat extractors.


Got me to think'n, I wonder if somehow I can find out what vendor FMC uses to order these heat extractors and whether or not I can talk my body shop friends into retro-fitting them onto my SHO hood?


So I'm not sure if these are located under one part number (which would include the entire Mustang engine hood) or if any of you fine EcoBoost members who have Ford "connections" can find out for me where Ford Motor Co orders up these heat extractors from?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as my preliminary searches have turned up pretty much el zilcho......


Here's a few pics, as well as a portion of the window sticker I was able to capture before I started drawing attention to my actions......









Once again, any help from those of you "in the know" would be like super hella awesome! Thanks in advance :hail:


Mike :wave:

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What I initially thought was a SPAM email this morning, actually turned out to be a secret squirrley image sent to me from an anonymous source.


Much to my pleasure, it appears that perhaps my mere suspicions were/are correct, the heat extractor vents found in some of the 2013 Mustangs, is actually a "drop-in" item that fits into a pre-fab'd opening in the hood itself.


This is cause for some excitement as it appears that these are actual separate parts. Hhhmmmmmmmm........ gets me wondering :whistle:


I'll share with the community:






......and it's never a good thing for me to start wondering openly. I swear my wife's gonna evict me out of the house. Hahaha :behindsofa:


Hope somebody has room for me to move into :gossip:

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I cut my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix hood 20 years ago to install these OEM "GTP" hood vents. I did a quick seach and found this write up:




mjhpadi: The ones I worked with 20 years ago had a second metal pieced (Tray) under the vents to keep the inclement weather out. I'm sure the 2013 Mustangs vents will have something the keep the rain/snow/leaves out of the engine compartment.



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  • 2 weeks later...



A secret squirrley someone is literally pushing their proverbial foot far up my ass to get this mod under way :whistle:


Anyhow, I have already put out the feelers with two different local sources (one my local body shop, and the other my mechanic pal) to price quote me out a used hood so I can start on this project.


I'm not sure if I want to have my body shop custom install these into the used hood, or to have them place into my existing engine hood :noidea:


I also removed the engine hood blanket over this past weekend and wasn't too pleased with all of the open holes and what not going on underneath it, yikes :fear:


I'll have to somehow figure out what to do with those portions of it as well.


So this may be a lil pricier than I anticipated, but none the less, I am committed to accomplishing this project for my 2010 SHO engine hood......


Here's a teaser pic of the hood vents / heat extractors that came from the new 2013 Ford Mustang's and has already been painted in gloss black to match my color theme:






So my approach on this, considering my SHO (for now) is my DD, that I'll have to purchase a used hood and either......


A. Let the body shop go to town on the used hood or

B. Remove my actual hood and let them modify it, while installing the used hood onto my SHO while the work is being performed.


Either scenario, I don't desire to place "pressure" onto my body shop friends to like hurry up and get this job done. I would like for them to be able to take their time and feel at ease to tackle this mod at their own convenience.


Custom work like this, and other projects I've notched off my mod belt, is like painting a mural, and one never wants to rush the artist in my opinion.


I also found out from my unnamed source, that the mesh material is a removable piece that apparently just "snaps" into place.... therefore, 1st glance is that I'll be able to remove those portions so I can paint them white to match the mesh material on my custom upper and lower front grilles from Mobsteel.


How freak'n cool will that be huh?


I so need to start working some major OVERTIME cuz I got too many projects started at this point and am spinning to many plates at once (what else is new).


But all this stuff takes time as I have so painstakingly found out. Especially with this car build as the after market has been slow to embrace it. But it seems to be coming around.


Stay tuned for more details as they develop.


As always, I'll be sure to keep my fellow EB Forums members informed 1st :thumb:

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I love the idea of the louvered hood. But I think I would chose to go with an additional hood. Plus having that great "semi-stock" hood that is now on the car would be a nice spare to have in your inventory. My first thought is that if you are going to get an extended period of bad weather (read Chicago winter) you could change back to the original hood, to keep snow and road gunk from getting into the engine compartment, especially since the SHO is a DD. I understand the working OT to fund your projects, that was my MO but now that I'm retired, that option is not open. Anyway, I think the heat extractor hood is a great idea, and one last point if you have them done on an additional hood, you wouldn't need to put any pressure on the body shop to have it finished, IMHO. So I think the additional expense of another hood, is a good investment, it just opens a bunch more options for you.

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Surprised to have not seen more comments on this mod as of this posting...... :censored:



Makes me wonder if this isn't of some interest to any of the rest of you SHO owners out there? :noidea:


Anyhow, still proceeding forward........


I have been debating on where exactly to place these heat extractors at in relation to my own SHO hood :decision:


My 1st inclination was to place them on either side of the slightly raised cowl, but I'm not entirely sure I like this location as the length of the vents themselves lend them to visually providing a strange appearance overall.


Almost like there's too much focus if you will on the center of the hood itself. See/Refer to the image below:





My other thought was to place them along the outer most edges of the hood, which would be essentially over each shock tower. I really like this location versus the one above, as the length of the vents seem to "better fit" this particular location and gives the hood a much greater aggressive appearance. See/Refer to the pic below:






Any thoughts from the peanut gallery on which location seems more preferable? :RpS_confused:

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Well, Words of caution from this peanut. What ever is under the extractor will be prone to getting wet (potentially). Have you first thought about or sorted that issue yet? Better to think of it now then "OH CRAP!" Or the depth of the extractors versus anything that will interfere with them.


(very hi res photo)



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With only functionality in mind, they should be placed strategically where the most heat can be vented as rapidly as possible. Now determining exactly where that is, well thats a horse of a different color.


That being said, I would think anywhere they end of being installed for the sake of appearance, would not make much of a difference if any functionality wise.


It was wise for you to drive around till you find another SHO for your demonstration, why risk scratching your own hood.

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I won't know for sure on the actual depths until they arrive at my doorstep for me to take a closer look at in person.


Not terribly worried about the elements getting inside the engine bay, but yes that will have to be addressed as well.


My gut instinct tells me it'll work, in either location and all of this is preliminary anyhow. Once they arrive I will be bringing the parts to my local body shop that I have used exclusively for all of my builds and body work over the years and get a more accurate cost estimate from them.


Once that given variable is known, it will then dictate at how fast of a pace I proceed to physically getting these installed into my 2010 SHO. No matter what location is ultimately decided upon.

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I usually support most of the mods you do. But with respect I'm not sure of this one. I love our hood stock with the stripes to make the center have a raised center part.


I know these would be functional but it sickens me to see these on cars when they aren't functional. And even the functional ones are hard to spot so people cast judgement.


You are right it would be a pain to find the hot spots but why not run it for a long time and get a laser thermometer and read it that way.


I'm interested to see the finished product and I might be wrong but I think our hood is spot on.

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Good to hear a different perspective.


Good suggestion on the laser heat thing a ma jig....... never thought of that.


I know our Fire Department has these nifty thermal imaging sensors they bring out on fire calls when they're looking for "hot spots" within a structure, etc.


Maybe I'll have to sneak over to one of their stations one day and put them to use :noidea:


I like our hoods to, but am a lil disheartened that for the SHO trim level, Ford has opted not to do anything more "special" to draw distinction between them, and the lower trim package offerings.


Think along the lines of how the front grilles used to be the same regardless if one bought an entry level Taurus, or flip'd for the SHO package.


Catch my drift? Plus, these are functional, so there will be an intended purpose other than just a mere aesthetic difference.


Again, thank you for a poignant perspective. :thumb:

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I definitely think they are unique look. I drool every time I see a supercar with them. I also agree that ford should have done more than some badging, spoiler and a sweet motor to set the SHO apart from its lower trim level brethren. With that being said though, I am inclined to agree with mhenne4 as far as the hood being spot on.


The slight cowl with the smooth lines is a testament to ford engineers creativity, unfortunately that's where it stopped. I am always weary when it comes to a mod that cannot be reversed easily. Then theres the cutting. Im sure I'm not the only guy weary about trying this himself. I'm also pretty sure any shop willing to do it for you will also be requesting your first born child in exchange.


I completely respect and applaud your creativity and look forward to seeing the end results. Who knows, you may make a believer out of me yet!

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Having just studied the pictures I have to respectfully disagree with Jojomofo. I perfer the inner placement as shown in your first picture. To me it just looks like a more natural place to have them. Also when you get to the outer edge, and that far back on the hood you may get interference in the area where the inner and outer hood is joined or the hinge for the hood. Just my quick 2 cents.

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I would look at the underside of the hood first. That may designate where the vents "Can" go. Hinges and under hood cross supports. This project should start from the underside of the hood first. Did you see and take any photos of these vents on the stock Mustang from the underside? How is Ford handling the rain/water that is going through the vents on the Mustangs? Do they have a some sort of "Tray" item under the vents to help channel the water away from the engine? (Making the vents not as effective with cooling.) I think you only have part of the vents. There should be a whole nother section of the vent that goes on the underside of the hood.


Have someone "Photo Shop" the vents on the hood in the different locations. Then see what looks the best.

(You will need another set the "SHO" hood stripes! :wave:)



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I assume you have thought of this, but I would try numerous layouts looking down vertically on the hood of your car. Position them as you would like them visually, assuming there is no underside issues with hood structure.


Looks with these are more important than having them look so-so, and be perhaps a bit more functional. Think you want to set them up (facing towards windshield) so they extract heat. Since you have installed a much more open grille, they should work quite well to extract some of the engine heat... Plus, the bottom engine cover with the NASA ducts, should work even better to cool turbos, if there is an exit path to the top.


On my G8.. they are designed to pull air in, and were there when built.

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Couple of thoughts I've had since originally posting this thread....


I won't really know til these arrive in my hands as far as placement goes, because i'm not sure on their overall length, and/or thickness, however, these thoughts were happily inspired by the resulting comments having been posted thus far.


If I place them closer to the raised cowl, I may have an issue with the open air filter from Airaid. I may be compelled to re-install the stock airbox (which conveniently still has the K&N drop in panel in it).


This may still apply even if I were to move them closer to the front of the car and away from the windshield.


The other location, being placed along the outer edges might be problematic due to the hood hinges, and/or the post where the hood strut is mounted / located. I may be able to sandwich the vents in that spot between those two points, but I guess it remains to be seen how thick the vents are versus how much metal would need to be removed.


If y'all notice, there's like a secondary layer of metal that is "thicker" all along the outer edges of the hood. If the vents aren't that thick, I may be able to get away with just cutting open a hole on the top surface part of the hood..... not sure.


I suppose I could also go somewhere inbetween both the outer most edges, and the raised cowl :noidea:


Once they arrive, whenever that is, i'll monkey around with them by just setting them lightly atop my closed hood and repost some pics then for y'all to look over.


Appreciate all the collective input thus far :thumb:



Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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Well, as luck would have it, I was tracking the shipment of the engine hood vents / heat extractors via UPS's website and was eagerly anticipating their arrival, BEFORE I had to leave for work.


Well go figure, 10min after I leave, one of my kids text msg's me and says "Dad, your package arrived". GGGrrrrrrr....... :RpS_cursing:


So not that it was a huge issue mind you (having to wait another 12hrs to play with these) but I wanted to take a look at them 1st hand as soon as they appeared on my doorstep.


Came home this morning after getting off shift, and measured out and placed these onto my hood, albeit in a temporary fashion.


I think these are gonna look pretty damn sharp personally, and it will also be a bonus given that they are actually functional too!


Now here's the odd thing..... Wife is pulling out of the garage this morning to leave for her shift, and she sees I'm out screwing around with the car again.


She continues reversing, stops at the front of my car and completely unsolicited blurbs outloud "Those actually look pretty cool, I'm surprised".


Whoa! Admittedly, I had a look of shock/astonishment on my face. WTH is this sh!t I ask? Reverse psychology?


Either way, a thumbs up from the wife is pretty damn rare I'll have each of you know.


So after having studied the underside of the hood and what not, I think I'm going to have to end up splitting the difference of the width between the slightly raised cowl, and the outer edges of the hood itself.


I measured up where I'm thinking these will end up going and am fairly happy with their temporary placement.....


Here's some crappy cell phone pics taken just this morning:



















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