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SCT question

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Was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share what parameters/PIDs you can scan with the SCT tuner and their associated software? Specifically I am hoping it can see Knock, misfires, Transmission temp (although I'm not sure if that even exists as a sensor on the Taurus), and other useful parameters. I can already get to the basics with my OBD interface and Android phone (i.e. Boost, RPM, Fuel pressure, LTFT's, Wideband O2's and catalyst temps...).



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In LiveLink 6.5 there are around 400 parameters available for logging/viewing. The new LiveLink II has even more. All of the items you mention are available for logging. Whatever you choose, be sure to save the Configuration(s) for future use.


However, the most I have been able to log/view at one time, without some dropping out when reviewing logs, is 18 in 6.5.... You can view more in LL II but not sure they will log correctly... still playing with it.

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