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I've never used a foam gun, but definitely interested in opinions on it.


I try to wash at night if I cant get in the shade to minimize water spots. I dont use two buckets, but I do rinse my wash mit with the sprayer after every panel before putting it back into the soap bucket. Then finish it off with Wax-As-You-Dry......

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I have been using a foam gun for years with no problems. It's great for getting a lot of soap on the car. I also use the two bucket method: Rinse car well with water, soak area using foam gun, sponge car using soap bucket, rinse sponge clean water bucket, rinse area with water, move to next section of the car. When done, light application of Wax as You Dry and dry car. Car comes out perfect every time.

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I use the two bucket wash method with a grit guard as well. I start off by spraying the vehicles with my 3600 psi @ 4gpm pressure washer to wash the grit off and then spray foam it with the washer at idle. This does a a fantastic job, the thick foam gives the cleaning cloth lots of lubricity to clean without micro marring the paint. The foam cannon is a investment worth making.


My buddies truck has severe swirling and mine has almost none, mine is black and his is bluish grey and they were born 1 day apart. Yeah the cannon helps.

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