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Greetings all~!

Todd TCE

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Greetings to the EcoBoost folks!


Decided to add this forum to the long list of boards that I've been around for years. With a couple of current and former customers here they tell me good things about this community and it's growth. That's all good stuff! For those that don't know, I specialize in both factory Wilwood and custom TCE/Wilwood big brake kits. If you were to call Wilwood....you'd probably get redirected back to me for applications such as the FLEX and SHO.


As the first to bring big brakes to the SHO community back in 1993 my business has grown over the years from brakes being a side project to being the primary focus of what is done now. Currently I offer front kits for this platform with an eye on alternate kits if there's demand for them.


I look forward to being here and if you have any questions please ask. *For quicker replies however I always suggest email vs PM as I cover a lot of message boards and you may not get a reply via pm for a few days.

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Todd, very happy to see that you have joined our community & your sources were spot on btw..... we ARE a growing community and have a host of tremendous active, courteous, and knowledgeable members, as well as vendors like yourself, who cater to the EcoBoost platform(s).


Not too shabby i'll add for being only 4 months old/young.


I know a few of our members have reported nothing but positive experiences from having dealt with you personally, as well as the upgraded brake components your company offers :thumb:


I am sure you will find a lot of members here inquiring about your products and potentially purchasing same.


Enjoy your stay here as we are a friendly group that goes out of our to help out our fellow owners.


Thanks once again for being here on EB Forums :hail:


Mike :wave:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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