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Finally made it to the track


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Not too bad for 83 deg. A 50 deg day is good for 2-4 tenths overall. Do you know what the DA was? Notice that you got a better 60' on the second run shown. That difference was almost exactly the same difference in your 1/4 mi times.


Assume you have a tune with these numbers... What exactly have you done to your SHO? Is it a PP SHO or just a regular one?

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and elevation is 1227 ft above sea level according to wiki.....how does that effect times?


The higher above sea level, the "thinner' the air... thinner air = less oxygen = need less fuel = less power.


Here a great tool:




find the track, get the weather data and it will calculate the DA and in turn come up with a sea level corrected time.

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Scrming & I are waiting for a 35 deg run at Death Valley Dragway!!!!! Zoom... Zoom... Zoom!!!!!!!


Nope... Everyone needs to come out to Lapeer International Raceway on November 3rd for the 7th Annual Scrming's Annual Children of the Corn (SACOTC) Event!!!


Old poster my friend made up for a previous SACOTC:



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