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Lamin-Xed My Headlights

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Thanks, I'm a little disappointed in the photos, in real life the lens appear darker. I was really happy with how they turned out, it took a while to work all the bubbles out from the film, but I'm really happy with the look. Also using water on top of the film and a felt covered squeegee really made installation easier.

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Mark, I hear ya on how the tint looks different in digitally captured form....


Weird isn't it? Take a roll through the link I provided here and see how some of the tint (depending on the shot) made my look tint different.


So much so I had people asking me if it was different percentages.


I scratched my head while replying "ummm nope, all the same".


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With the black car, the gunsmoke would look awesome, personally I think the darker tint looks great, but I was afraid of loosing too much light output, and since I'm old enough for night driving to be of concern, I didn't want to go any darker. As a side note, I am very happy with how good it looks. I found a few little bubbles on the passenger side, but I checked this morning and they have worked their way out and are gone! Lamin-X says that the film is porous and small bubbles will disappear within a few weeks, and by golly, they did! Of course our heat wave (90 degrees here yesterday) sure didn't hurt. Again, I found that using the felt covered squeegee and liberal use of water on the outside of the film really helped make the application go smooth. I actually thought the headlights were easier then the tails.

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It was easier then doing the tail lights. I had not done any tinting before tackling this project. It took about an hour to get each headlight done, getting all the small bubbles out. It was not bad, if you follow the Lamin-X instructions and I highly recommend spending the 2 bucks for the felt covered squeegee, it really helped in smoothing out the film. I also think the fact that the Lamin-X film is thicker then most really helps because you can lift and replace it. Also, with the taillights I removed them from the car and that was a mistake, easier to do with the lens in the car, which I did with the headlights. I think with the taillights that once you had the film basically in place you could remove the trunk piece to get the film behind the chrome spear. Overall, on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being easiest and 5 hardest I think this project is a 2.

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