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I was beat last night.

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SOme kids at Quick Trip asked if I wasnted to race their 04 Mustang GT Supercharged I said sure, first race he left on second honk, so I asked if he had 10 min to wait while I uploaded my Torrie Tune. I got my tune uploaded and raced him again, I lost by about a car length. a few questions, are there advantages to holding my rpm's at right under 2 grand on a launch? Does the TRAC OFF button matter on my NON-PP car? Can I run Racing Fuel in this car? Any little tips are much appreciated.

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Unless you are running Drag Radials on the front, the T/C button doesn't make much difference. My first time out to the strip, almost 2 years ago, the best runs/starts, were with T/C on. Racing fuel won't help, unless the vehicle is tuned for it. To do that you have to log numerous runs with it. But... most racing fuel has lead in it... can't have leaded RF with cats... plugs them. Launch RPM's are based on traction and road/street/strip conditions, so as long as you didn't spin your fronts and cause a shut down, you were good to go. You need to meet him at the strip, where you know your ET's and get fair starts.


Did you solve your rough idling with new plugs?

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I just found out it was a 99 GT with no cats' date=' 373 gears and a supercharger[/quote']



Then the outcome seems about right. A 99 4.6L 2V GT with those mods should be in the mid 12's with nothing else done and a mediocre driver. On a good tire with a good driver it should go high 11's.



Holding the RPM's at 2000 should give you a better launch if there is no wheel spin. Your best bet would be going to your local drag strip to practice launching at different RPM's to see what works best for your car. I would not recommend running racing fuel in your car unless it is tuned for it. Even then, the gains would be marginal at best. Filling up with race gas on your tunes you have now wouldn't give you any more power.

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I want to keep my super quiet sleeper status so maybe I will pass on that' date=' the cost does not seem justifiable 1000$ for maybe 10 hp[/quote']


This is basic but the easiest way to gain et is reduce weight -- any which way you can.


Whatever is in the trunk, in the car, in the gas tank, -- all those pounds are working against you. If (and I repeat IF) you're about 200 lbs like me you could have a particularly skinny guy drive your car for you to save a 100 lbs or so.:laugh:


Sounds like you're so close to the 'Stang it wouldn't take much to get him.


BTW that's a loss but kudos for keeping up to the 'Stang. They're definitely not slow and he sure had the advantage on gearing tho your front biased 4 wheel drive is a big +.


On another day you might just nudge him out -- who knows.:RpS_thumbsup:


As suggested tho, go to the track -- street racing just isn't cool and the results could be catastrophic/expensive.


Thanks for sharing, keep us in the loop with your battles against the little 'horsey'.



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