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Hey Hey Hey....... well lookie lookie who finally made it on over to the new and great EB Forums! :welcome:


Glad to see whoever it was that "pushed" you over was successful in their efforts!


:whistle: not mentioning any names of course :whistle:


But yes, a good handful of us are "defectors" of that other, unfriendly site you made mention of..... (we don't care to acknowledge them here quite honestly).


You'll come to find a much friendlier atmosphere here, one that is supportive of the late model, EcoBoost platform and here's another cool thing.....


It encompasses every model (thus far) where Ford has placed the EB motor in as it's powerplant. So you'll get different ideas on performance and aesthetic mods across the board, not just for your SHO.


It's a wonderful concept and we have a host of helpful, knowledgeable members, as well as supportive vendors.


So enjoy enjoy enjoy...... we look forward to your involvement :thumb:


By the way...... welcome home my friend :hail:



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Was pushed over this way from shoforum.com....have a 2012 Taurus SHO w/PP. Hopeing its a bit more new-model friendly over here :becky:


Welcome vermonator....yes we're very friendly here and tho we concentrate mainly on the newer models, tho not exclusively, we welcome all visitors and members alike with whatever you drive and whatever the questions.

You have found the right place and I can guarantee that you won't be pushed around.:)



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