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So this morning I got a Low Tire Pressure warning. Checked all the pressures, all were at around 30-32psi. Topped them up to 35psi Tried reseting with the Reset button, but it comes back. Any way to see what tire is the issue? Possibly a bad sensor? It was crazy cold this morning, but I wouldn't think it would trigger a low pressure warning.

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I've been looking for a reset tool myself and found them for sale quite cheaply.

Here's one that's included in a scan tool kit which some buyers don't need (tall green tool on right side) and should be in the $60 to $100 range. Check E-Bay or google TPMS Tool TIPS003A for leads.




If it were me I'd drive it for a few days to see if it resets itself. The cold may have messed one up. Might clear itself on warming.



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Thanks Colin. Maybe it is just in shock from the light snow flurry we got this morning..... ;) It wants to go back to Florida.


LOL, that sh*t was quite a surprise wasn't it. UGGGG. I'm back to hibernating until this passes in a day or so.

Florida sounds good to me too this cool weather is gettin' to me again.


G/L with that pesky tpms unit.



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