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Magnaflow X-Pipe with sound clip....

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Been running around town all morning after having my Magnaflow X-Pipe installed (3rd cat/muffler replaced). It definitely deepened the tone a bit. I cant quite put my finger on it, but the interior drone sounds different, maybe even less "droney"???

In any case, I think it was an improvement and like the sound combined with the Dynomax Ultraflo mufflers.

I was asked a question regarding cost after all is said-n-done, so now I can answer: X-pipe $70, installation at muffler shop <$75, ~30 minutes.






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It's the 2.25 Magnaflow X-pipe. Amazon had the best price, but I've seen them on fleaBay, Summit, Jegs, etc. My local had them as well for a considerable bump in price.

As for what all was done, the 3rd cat & muffler were replaced with the X. Muffler guy put the X right where the 3rd cat was then ran two pipes where the 3rd muffler was. I have the Dynomax UltraFlo mufflers and an Airaid intake.

I didn't notice the turbos until wild just pointed it out. I did a comparison from the previous vid with just the Dynomax mufflers and the turbos do sound more prevalent than before. Might be video quality, but I did use the same camera..

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