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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Nice to see you've signed up here.


Hope you enjoy your stay. Lots of info, and great fellow late model SHO owners found here, as well as supporting vendors.


We look forward to your contributions :thumb:


Mike :wave:


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Thanks guys.


I would have signed up earlier but had got refused because they thought I was a spammer or something?


Don't know why but this time it worked.




That is both interesting, and cause for some concern (about you not making it through on your 1st attempt).


When the site was launched back in mid Dec 2011, we had a crap load of Spammers.


Filters were adjusted and it contained some of them, but not all.


A new security screening program was put in place and it has, for the most part, done it's job in filtering out most, but not all, of the Spammers.


Even to this day, we still get them. Hell in the last 2 weeks alone, I myself have banned/deleted over 50 Spammer created profiles.


These clowns typically work during what is our overnight hours & try to permeate our forums community with their crap.


Most of them appear to be foreign type of accounts, emails, i.p.'s, etc


I don't think a lot of members here realize how much work it takes to keep a forums community Spam free.


Kcobra, can you please, when time permits, PM our ADMIN (who is very responsive) with your experience(s) so he can review the settings based on your registration attempt and make adjustments where needed?


Thanks in advance :hail:


Our intent was never to deny any legitimate individuals from becoming members here.


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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Heard about this site. Am currently on SHO forums also but like this one also. Just a quick hello. I currently own a 2010 Ingot SHO. Love the car. Had a 97 SHO before and replaced with this one.


and once you get to know us more you'll like it even better........

Welcome aboard kcobra -- glad to have you along.


BTW-do you have a 'kcobra' by any chance? Would love to hear about it and remember those gems vividly.



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I will try to PM the admin when I can think of it. If I do. Big time brain farts lately. Stress! Anyways. I never had a king cobra but I've had tons of mustangs and several cobras. My name is Kraig so hence the Kcobra username.

One of the reasons Showgun was curious about the King Cobra name was because both of us owned '68 Shelby Mustangs, his was a GT-500 Convertible and I had a GT-350 Fastback, so we both have a very soft spot for all Cobras.

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