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PCM/ECU code

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Any way to find out what the Code is for the ecu on a 2010 SHO?


I know on lightnings and mustangs its a 4 digit code like CUX2 or NLP1 ect and the code stayed the same unless it was replaced by the dealer or a newer year model with a different code.


I think there's a way to find out under the wiper cowl but I'm not enthusiastic enough about it to go through and take the cowl off, I can see some part numbers and a SN and a bar code but I cant read anything else that looks like a code in there.


I hear you can get it off a programmer, but the only device I have is xcal 3 on my Lightning, and its married to it and the engine and battery ore out of it right now cause I shot it with too much juice.

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