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Awe....... downright adorable!


The smile on her face tells me she in total approval of being taxied around in an EB SHO!


Enjoy..... they grow up fast. Faster than you'd care to realize.


At 15, 13, and 11..... I often wonder where the time has gone in regards to my three daughters.


So don't blink, and cherish each and every moment.


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Sorry I didn't post sooner ...Congrats on the little one, she's beautiful. You will find this the best thing to ever happen. I still look forward to spending time with my son, although since he's in college, it sure is less, and believe me, the time flies, spend as much time with your little one as you possibly can...you will wake up tomorrow and find out she is a young lady and it will seem like it happened overnight. Again, congrats and she sure is a sweetie!

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